Sarah-Jade Lacoursiere

Sarah-Jade Lacoursiere


Rental Homes in Las Vegas

Rent your dream home in Las Vegas

Find single family homes, townhouses and condos in Las Vegas. I can help you secure a rental property within your budget and in the timeline you desire. Give me a call today and let's begin the search for your perfect home!


Short term rentals in Las Vegas

As per Clark County regulations, it is illegal under Clark County code 30.44.010(b)(7)(C) to rent residential property for fewer than 31 days in unincorporated Clark County. As per the map below, the sections in yellow and orange do not accept short term rentals. On the other hand, Henderson and North Las Vegas accept short term rentals (Airbnb). Rentals over 31 days are permitted in all parts of Clark County.


Rentals in Las Vegas



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